Bentley Prepaid Maintenance

Maintain your masterpiece masterfully.

Even with the reputation for quality and reliability that Bentley has, your vehicle still requires routine scheduled maintenance. Bentley Prepaid Maintenance offers you a convenient way to keep your Bentley vehicle running smoothly.

  • Purchasing tomorrow’s maintenance at today’s prices
  • Prepaid scheduled maintenance is designed to precisely follow the intervals recommended by the factory
  • Peace of mind knowing your scheduled maintenance for your Bentley is covered
  • Monthly payment option when you include the Bentley Prepaid Maintenance Plan in your auto financing


Bentley Prepaid Maintenance is available on purchased or leased Bentley vehicles model year 2013 or newer in service for no more than 5 years or 50,000 miles, whichever occurs first. 

Plans that fit the way you drive.

Flexible plan options are available to match your driving habits and Bentley’s factory-recommended service schedule for your vehicle. Ask your authorized Bentley Dealer for more information about the plan that is right for you.

Service Intervals (Age/Mileage)

  • Engine oil/oil filter element changed -1 time every year/ 10,000 miles
  • Wiper blades -  1 time every year/ 10,000 miles 
  • Air filter element changed -  1 time every 2 years/ 20,000 miles
  • Brake fluid changed - 1 time every 2 years
  • Spark plugs changed - 1 time every 3 years

This example of services is for illustrative purposes only.

Bentley-backed maintenance you can trust:

  • Coverage of scheduled oil and oil filter changes
  • Spark plug changes
  • Multipoint inspections
  • Brake fluid changes
  • Services performed by factory-trained technicians using Bentley genuine parts
  • Nationwide service available at all participating authorized Bentley Dealers or other authorized repair facilities
  • Transferable if you sell your vehicle to a private party
  • Trust and peace of mind that you deserve Available on new, pre-owned, and Certified Pre-Owned vehicles at the time of vehicle purchase or lease, or in the service lane. 

Coverage exclusions may apply*:

  • Covered services that are performed by a dealer or repair facility other than an authorized Bentley Dealer or authorized repair facility
  • Covered services that are not performed within 5,000 miles or within 6 months of the scheduled service interval
  • Costs of mechanical breakdown repairs, whether or not the repairs are associated with a covered service
  • Hoses, brake pads and linings, wheel alignment and balancing, tyres, or wiper blades

*Additional exclusions may apply. Please see your agreement for specific coverage details, including limitations and a complete list of exclusions

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