2005 bentley continental gt in st louis in cypress paint color

Why This Pre-Owned 2005 Bentley Continental GT Could Be Your Discount Ticket Into the World of Premier Luxury Automobiles

2005 Bentley Continental GT in St. Louis With Nationwide Shipping 

Yes, at the time of this writing, this used Bentley Continental GT is 13 years old. It’s hardly a brand new model at this point, but what this 2005 Bentley Continental GT lacks in youth it makes up for in condition, low mileage, innovative features and a price that makes this particular model one of your best options for a luxury exotic vehicle if you’re buying on a budget. 

Here at St. Louis Motorcars, we sold this particular car to its original owner when it was brand new, and we can vouch for its care over the past several years. Though once you see it in person, you’ll also bear witness to the fact that this Continental GT looks to be in near-new condition, and with just over 16,000 miles on the clock, it’s been only gently used. 

2005 Bentley Continental GT Available at St. Louis Motorcars 

Why the Features and Performance On This 2005 Continental GT Are Still Cutting Edge 

When the 2005 Bentley Continental GT was brand new it had a starting MSRP of just under $160,000. And boy, was it worth every penny. 

With 552 horsepower from a twin-turbocharged engine, this is not the type of premier luxury car that can only be enjoyed from the rear seats. The driver, too, gets to have some fun. Just push the pedal to the floor and you’ll see what we mean, as the Continental GT increases in speed and builds up power to the point where you’ll wonder where it all keeps coming from. It is seemingly endless. No, it’s not a sports car… but it isn’t supposed to be. Instead, this car delivers that luxurious driving experience blended with surefooted AWD power that, more often than not, will still make you the fastest car on the road. 

chrome wheels on the bentley continental gt
tan leather interior of the 2005 bentley continental gt

Speaking of luxurious, when it comes to some of the amenities you’ll find in this car, it certainly doesn’t feel like a 13-year-old vehicle. When new Bentley models come out, the features you’ll find are groundbreaking to the point where several years later, those features can still be considered cutting edge. Things as simple as a global close button that rolls up all the windows and locks all the doors at once, seat heating with 6 temperature levels and an electronically-operated spoiler all elevate the level of luxury to something you will have a tough time finding elsewhere for the price. 

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We have this used 2005 Bentley Continental GT marked at $54,900, and at that price, it may be your best option for breaking into the exotic luxury segment. From its mirror-like Cypress exterior paint job to the Saddle leather interior, everything in this car is still exquisite 13 years after it was crafted.  

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So, if you’ve always dreamed of owning a Bentley or want to break into the high-end luxury market then this could be your opportunity. Come see us here in St. Louis or contact us to learn more about the nationwide shipping we offer here in the United States.