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Why Are Certain Cars Considered Exotic?

What Qualifies As An Exotic Car? 

Everyone knows that exotic cars are some of the very best in the world. But what many don’t know or understand is why certain cars are considered “exotic,” while others are not. What makes an exotic car truly an exotic car? Well, we’ll aim to answer that question here. 

The reality is that it’s very possible that what qualifies as an exotic car can be left up to debate. What some define as being an exotic car may not be how others would define it. For example, while most wouldn’t consider the entry-level sports car, the Chevy Corvette, to be considered a true exotic car, there may be a few others who think it could be ranked up near that category. 

How Is an Exotic Car Defined? 

So, how we define the term “exotic car” isn’t that easy. There will always be debate about how to define the term, but there are certain qualities that the majority of driving enthusiasts tend to agree on. Qualities of an exotic car tend to include: 

  • A price unaffordable to the average population (and more importantly, a driving performance to match that price) 
  • High-performance capabilities 
  • A unique design that can be instantly recognized on the road 
  • Highest quality materials 
  • A size and shape that puts performance first (often a two-seater car or 2+2 coupe, low to the ground, etc.) 
  • Available in limited quantities (often no more than a few thousand, though sometimes more depending on the lifetime of the model) 
  • Fast 

Examples of True Exotic Cars 

Now, not all exotic cars will have every single characteristic listed. Some may have a certain set, while others may have a different grouping of those characteristics. There is a lot of variation. 

interior of aston martin shooting brakeBut, to help you out further, here is a short list of cars that are typically considered exotic, with just about anything from LamborghiniLotusAston MartinBugatti and others certainly being considered in that category: 

Of course, some cars, like the Chiron, start to break beyond just the exotic car category and into the supercar category. But, that’s a topic for another day. With that, we’ll leave you to explore these cars further, and if you have any questions along the way, please feel free to contact us at St. Louis Motorcars. We offer nationwide shipping on our inventory, using our own drivers and transporters, making the exotic car buying process simple and hassle-free. 

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