aston martin project 003 teaser

Aston Martin Is Working On a Third Hypercar for 2021

What We Know About Aston Martin’s Future Hypercar, Project 003 

Aston Martin has confirmed it. Project 003 is indeed in development at Aston Martin headquarters, with engineers and designers working to create the automaker’s next hypercar. The car would follow the upcoming Valkyrie and Valkyrie AMR Pro, but what else is known about the future vehicle? 

Well, although Aston Martin has confirmed Project 003’s existence, details are still limited. And speaking of limited, production will be quite limited as well, as only 500 units are planned for production globally once the car is released in late 2021. 

Other details that we know so far include the fact that Project 003 will be powered by a turbocharged hybrid engine that combines gasoline and electric power. Aston Martin states the car “will possess class leading dynamics on both road and track.” It will also feature active aerodynamics. 

Though performance will no doubt be important, Aston Martin has also indicated a desire to make the car at least somewhat practical for road use, and this will include some space for luggage, which is something you might not expect from a hypercar. 

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Those details, along with a single teaser image, is about all we know of Project 003 for now. The car will undoubtedly get a real name once we get closer to that 2021 release date. Of course, as those details are revealed we will be sure to keep you updated here on the St. Louis Motorcars blog, where we provide you with news from all sorts of exotic and luxury brands, including Aston Martin, Bentley, Bugatti, Lamborghini, Lotus and Rolls-Royce.