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Where Did Lotus Cars Get Its Name?

Where Does the Lotus Car Brand Name Come From? 

It’s always interesting to wonder and learn where the interesting names for car manufacturers come from. One brand with perhaps one of the more interesting names is Lotus. Though it sounds similar, this name should not be confused with locust (a grasshopper-like bug). Even so, the name has an interesting origin story, so let’s take a look into where the Lotus car brand got its name. 

A Brief History of Lotus 

lotus logoLotus began back in 1952 as a creation of two gentleman: Colin Chapman and Michael Allen. Because of this, you may wonder why the car brand isn’t named Chapman Allen or Colin Michael’s, but in the end, a different name was selected. 

That said, if you look at the Lotus logo, you will notice that the name Colin Chapman does give a hint to the meaning behind these letters. In fact, Chapman’s full name was Anthony Colin Bruce Chapman, hence the reason the letters ACBC are found on the logo. These initials were removed for a time but were later added back in. 

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Why Is Lotus Called Lotus? 

So, getting back to the question at hand, how did Lotus get its name? Well, officially, nobody knows for sure. That hasn’t stopped driving enthusiasts from putting forth their theories.  

The theory that makes perhaps the most sense is that the name comes from a flower. The lotus flower has a lot of significance and symbolism in cultures around the world, though when it comes to Lotus, the significance isn’t really clear in relation to a British car company. Other ideas include the lotus fruit and a swapped form of the phrase “us lot,” which supposedly Chapman said often. 

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Though the lotus flower seems to be the more likely origin for the Lotus name, we may never truly know where the car brand name came from. Of course, once you’re behind the wheel of a Lotus, that’s the last thing you’ll be thinking about.