aston martin badge on the left and david brown on the right

The Meaning Behind the DB Initials In the Aston Martin DB Line of Cars

Why Are Some Aston Martin Cars Called DB? 

Every car manufacturer has their own way of naming car models. In the case of Aston Martin, these are often exciting and thrilling names, like Vantage, Rapide or Vanquish. But then, there is the DB model line. Why has Aston Martin chosen to name some of their cars DB and where do those initials come from? 

The DB line of cars began in 1950 with the DB2, as long as you aren’t counting the Aston Martin 2-Litre Sports, which was dubbed the DB1 after the model was in production. The DB initials for the model name certainly differ from the rest of the Aston Martin lineup, yet, the DB model is one of the most iconic in the manufacturer’s history, partly because the DB initials stand for David Brown.  

Who is David Brown in Aston Martin History? 

rear view of aston martin db11 in the darkThough Aston Martin as a company began in 1913, David Brown’s involvement dates back to 1947. Brown was a driver and also a machine tools manufacturer. He was a skilled engineer who worked his way up through the family business and later purchased Aston Martin.  

It would be an odd way of doing business today, but in the 1940s, Brown saw a newspaper advertisement putting up for sale the Aston Martin business. After seeing this, Brown purchased Aston Martin and its high-end luxury brand Lagonda. 

It was during this time that Aston Martin began to produce the DB line of cars, with many being involved in racing. In 1963, however, Aston Martin unveiled the DB5, a car that really cemented the DB legacy, with its involvement in the one of the James Bond films no doubt helping to increase its fame. 

Check out the latest DB model… the DB11 

So, there you have it. The DB car name stems from the initials of David Brown, and on previous iterations of the company’s logo you can even see his name incorporated into the wing motif. To learn more about Aston Martin and your favorite high-end exotic and luxury cars, check back to the St. Louis Motorcars blog.