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Have you ever thought to yourself, “My Bentley is fantastic, but I really want a vehicle that won’t look out of place on a track day”? Bentley had the same thought and their engineers got to work, developing the Continental GT3-R to provide classic Bentley style with a performance that is right on the cutting edge of modern capability. Some may believe that there’s no room for luxury on the racetrack, but those people haven’t seen the Bentley Continental GT3-R in-person.


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Bentley Continental GT3-R Exterior

2016 Bentley Continental GT3-R Performance Metrics

The most important differences between the GT3-R and standard Continental models is performance. The GT3-R model is built with explosive acceleration and the violent growl of a track day monster, but it won’t look out of place when parked next to a Jaguar F-Type or Rolls Royce Phantom.

Engine 4.0L V8 twin-turbocharged Engine
Horsepower 592
Torque 553 lbs.-ft.
Weight 4,937 lbs.
Transmission 8-speed automatic with manual shifting mode
0-60 MPH Time 3.4 seconds

Bentley Continental GT3-R Design Elements

The Continental GT3-R is a rarity for a Bentley model. It has an interior without any wood because it was designed to be 220 lbs. lighter than Continental GT models. The GTR-3 is built with carbon trim on the doors and in the center console. The seats are much more comfortable than your standard racing seats, with deep buckets and diamond-pleats.


From a distance, the GT3-R still looks like a Continental GT model on the exterior with the same classic overall shape and appearance, but when closely examined there are several difference geared towards performance.

  • Vents added to the hood
  • The split removed from the grille
  • Dynamic lines accentuate the doors
  • Rear spoiler added
  • Lower overall stance

Bentley Continental GT3-R Interior

The Official Bentley Continental GT3 Race Car

Bentley also engineered a GT3 to compete at the Goodwood Festival of Speed, 24 Hours of Spa, and Blancpain endurance and sprint series, among others. Over 1,000 lbs. was shed off of the standard GT3-R and several custom additions were included to maximize performance. The spartan interior is clearly built for a track, not a highway or city street.

  • Engine repositioned to the rear of the engine bay
  • RWD Xtrac 6-speed transaxle gearbox, racing clutch, and steering wheel mounted pneumatic paddle gear shift
  • Ventilated iron disc brakes front and rear
  • FIA-spec racing fuel cell
  • Carbon fibre front splitter, rear wing and body panels added
  • Aerodynamic bumpers, hood, sills, and fenders incorporated


While the Bentley Continental GT3-R is hard to come by with only 300 models produced, but the team at STL MotorCars has succeeded in the past with hard to find models. Just ask Kris Singh and his Lamborghini Veneno!


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